The National Card Convention 2023 & #TwitterNational3
It's Christmas in July for card collectors as this weekend The National Card Convention descends upon the Windy City! I wish I could be there in person but this year it just wasn't an option. 
However, will still have a small presence as we were lucky enough to be included in a terrific giveaway opportunity by our friend Eric (on twitter @eshecker) who will be there in person. Look for him and his 150 Gift Bags full of donated items to help promote the good side of our hobby and his #RAKoftheDay program! 
There will be discount codes for all and a limited number of codes for free LED Stands in some of the gift bags!   

For those of you (like me) who won't be able to attend the festivities in person, I have some good news! I will be taking part in an event called #TwitterNational3 for the 2nd consecutive year from July 28-30th! 
There will be a collection of 75 different sellers involved in this online event selling a variety of collectors cards, memorabilia, autographs, and other art work. I plan to list some baseball, soccer, and some Star Wars cards in my feed. 
Search the hashtag #TwitterNational3 and you will be able to find almost anything you would want as a collector! 
And give me a follow @HitByPitchCards while you’re at it!  

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