Enough with position players pitching already

Enough with position players pitching already

The game was 11-1 heading to the 9th.
The Rays elected to send Luke Raley to the mound; a clear signal they were done trying to win this one.
The Blue Jays then scored .9 runs off the leagues worst relief pitcher before he could secure the 3 outs needed to move onto the bottom of the 9th
The half inning lasted about 500 years (ok that's a lie, but it felt like it).
In the end the Rays lost 20-1.

With Commissioner Manfred so concerned about game length that MLB is now tracking bat boys and girls to ensure they aren't taking too long to retrieve the bat I think its time we end this once assuming and entertaining piece.
When if first happened it was a unique quirky thing to see happen...but we (collective we....because I don't care how long a game takes) decided games must go faster. We all must have something more important to do I guess.
So why is this allowed to occur?

It takes forever, skews run differential and stats, could potentially result in a injury, and is rather boring.
I propose the team in the lead be given the option to end the game if the other team wants to use a position player on the mound. In doing so they already indicated they are done trying to compete.
If they team in the lead does not elect to end the game at that time then theres should be a 5 run max and the game called after the non pitcher gets shelled for a few.

You know....in the interest of making the games faster. For Sir Manfred.

Anyway....just an idea.

Let me know what you think of this idea,,,,dumb, not dumb\ enough?
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